Not completely psychotic, but keep pushing him…

Wolf shifter Sheppard Madden came from nothing. Following a horrific event that left him with the nickname Psycho, he formed the Bayou Wolves MC after being forced to leave Minnesota. There in the Crescent City, he found a pack of likeminded wolves and humans who are loyal to him and follow his lead without question. To all outward appearances, Psycho and his men are just another club doing charity events and everything else legal. But this club has much darker things happening behind the scenes.

The Wolves get a call from another MC that they have a victim needing protection. Psycho and his men go get her, but she’s not what they were expecting. With defiance in her purple-blue eyes, all Nera Kennedy wants is to go home after surviving an ordeal she’d rather forget. Psycho has convinced her to stay within the protective confines of the Bayou Wolves’ compound, but will she continue to be shielded from the bastards who took her, or will the Wolves not be enough to protect her?


✔Shifter romance
✔Touch her and d!e
✔He falls first
✔Werewolf Motorcycle Club
✔Strong FMC
✔Steamy PNR

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