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So you wrote a book! Congratulations! Or maybe you’ve already written twenty or fifty or a hundred of them and are seeking a new copyeditor.

About me: I’m a published indie author with close to fifty novels written over nine years. However, I’ve been doing copyediting for both indie and traditionally published authors for eleven years—that’s hundreds of manuscripts. I have edited for American, Canadian, British (UK, et. al), and Australian authors, so I am versed in US and UK English. If you would like references, you can hit that handy CONTACT button below and I’ll happily provide them!

To start off, I only do copyediting. I do not do line/structural edits. I also only do fiction novels of all genres. No nonfiction.

What is Copyediting?

Basically, the technical aspect. I find typos, grammar errors, punctuation issues, and will concentrate on dialogue writing continuity. I will ensure your tenses remain consistent. For example, if you start off in present tense, I will ensure your verbs and subjects stay present tense. Same with your point of view. If you start off in first person and switch to third, I will send it back and have you make it consistent. This doesn’t mean I won’t point out story inconsistencies if I see them. For example: Your character was in a tuxedo in the previous paragraph and now he’s in jeans and a tee. Or your character had her hair in a ponytail and now she’s running her hand over her side braid. I use Microsoft Word only and the track changes feature.

Sample edit:

I will do a free one-chapter sample edit for you. If you choose not to use me after you receive the edits, no harm, no foul, find an editor with whom you fit better. If you do choose to use me, you will not be charged for that chapter’s word count. You may choose the chapter, it doesn’t have to be the first one.


One read-through: $0.0040 per word.

Two read-throughs: $0.0060 per word.

This is obviously only charged once. Example, you choose for me to read through your manuscript twice, I will charge you $0.0060 per word. Let’s say your manuscript is 60,000 words. That will be $360 for two read throughs and $240 for one read through.

How do I get started?

Use the CONTACT button below and we will begin the process. You will receive an invoice for a 10% deposit, which will be taken off the final price once your copyedit is completed and sent back to you. I will then invoice you for the rest, which can be paid through PayPal, Venmo, or CashApp.


Ready to get started?

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