Thomas never thought he would live this long; he expected the usual lifespan of 60 to 70 years. But one terrifying night in 1946 San Francisco has changed all that. He’s now been alive 86 years and still looks 20. He and his associates, Jonathan and Kathryn, have been granted Immortality by a group of sylphs belonging to the Zie Council – led by their queen, Malina – who possess an elixir called Enchantment. But what they and the rest of the Immortals have to do in order to keep receiving this elixir involves protecting sylphs and humans from the faeworlders – vampires and shapeshifters – who want nothing more than to eat, violate, and kill them. For Jonathan, Thomas, and Kathryn, policing the fae is a dirty job, but somebody has to do it. And the payment is eternally priceless.


All Jonathan Murphy ever wanted was to work hard, love his wife, raise his children, and die a peaceful death. What life dealt him is the exact opposite. In the space of a mere instant, the life he once knew – the life he wanted – is no more. In its place, he is given great strength and immortality; but it comes with strings. Strings that bind him to the sylphs and other humans, whom he must protect against those who destroyed the life he once knew – the Fae. Along with his partners, Thomas and Kathryn, he works faithfully and tirelessly enforcing the laws of the Zie to please his queens. But a time is coming where he may have to revert to his barbaric ways of dispensing justice, even if it means killing a former lover.


What was once a simple life has turned into a very long life for vampyre Pascal Theroux. The initial loneliness, along with the obsession of not being able to walk in the sun, begins to consume him. When he and his mate, Angel, finally resign themselves to the fact that they will forever be confined by the night, they figure out a way to create a clan of sun-resistant vampires to do their dirty work for them. But is Angel really on his side anymore? As Malina and Thomas prepare for their wedding, and Kathryn and Jonathan begin to explore the possibility of becoming serious again, a new agent from the BSI shows up and delivers some disturbing news about the Portland Vampire Clan. While the Immortals, including newbie Dr. Tyler James, learn to hone in new skills and perfect their old ones, they also prepare for the trial of Seth and Malachi, who are imprisoned on the Island. The news the shapeshifters deliver during their trial, though, has the power to alter the history books.


Kathryn Jones has had a rough start in life, and as things seemed to just continue on a downward spiral, she finally decides to leave her depraved life and move to a new city for a fresh start. When tragedy strikes there, she plummets herself into her work and gets the surprise of her life when she unexpectedly meets the man who will continually take her breath away for the next hundred years. Will her rocky relationship with him last? Meanwhile in Portland, as the shapeshifters open a new nightclub, the vampires struggle to keep theirs running with all the new changes in the house. Angel has finally had enough of the young vampires, and takes matters into her own hands to realign leadership in the house. As Thomas and Malina prepare to become parents, Malina begins to fret over her upcoming mortality and disappears. Will Thomas and Jonathan find her in time?


Protecting humans from monsters is a dirty job, but somebody has to do it. And the payment is eternally priceless.

This is the Enchanted Immortals full set, books 1–4, plus the accompanying novella, BSI: Bureau of Supernatural Investigation, all in one!

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