Welcome to Larchwood Academy: Corrective School for Supernaturals.

Make no mistake: This is no academy. It’s a prison.

High school hadn’t worked out so well for Paige Masset, and when she breaks her third supernatural law and is sent to the Larchwood Academy, she quickly learns it’s anything but a preparatory academy. It’s barely a continuation school. Very unhappy with the two-year sentence, or as they call it, commitment, she figures she’ll try to make the best of it.

Determined to stay out of trouble and just do her time, Paige learns the temptations at the Academy are going to hold her back from toeing the line and keeping her points low so she can get a weekend pass. She tells everyone—including herself—that she just wants to get out for a free weekend, away from the stuffy Academy. But what she really wants is to find out who’s behind her beloved grandmother’s death. So, until she behaves and gets her points down low enough to get a pass, she has to contend with a smoking hot dragon shifter, an irresistible, broody vampire, and the school’s sexy warlock headmaster—who likes to enforce rules that he himself loves to break.

Curses & Charm is for readers 18+.


Welcome to Larchwood Academy: Corrective School for Supernaturals.

A prison-like Academy full of young supernaturals who have no regard for the rules is where witch Paige Masset finds herself. None of these boys or girls are innocent, nor wrongly accused, yet, they’re all forced to get along for the two-year sentence—commitment. However, the witches, warlocks, demons, vampires, and dragons have a very hard time behaving at Larchwood. Meant to be a corrective school, but more like a frat house, Paige realizes, she tries her hardest to be the good girl her mother knows she can be. She just isn’t sure she’s going to be able to resist the temptations of the flesh, especially since she’s been told there are three guys destined for her at the school. Three, in order to complete an ancient spell to unlock a secret someone’s been keeping for a long. The problem is, one of the three isn’t on board with the idea of sharing, and is going to take some serious convincing.

Magic & Monsters is for readers 18+.


Welcome to Larchwood Academy: Corrective School for Supernaturals.

The pressure on Paige mounts as she realizes the Coresh Accord is actually going to come to fruition very soon. While she’s got mixed feelings about it all, she tries to mentally prepare for the inevitable spell. She also finds it hard to split her time between her friends and the three super-sexy men who want to claim her. As her relationship with the three ramps up and deepens, Paige admits she’s just as much in love with them as they are with her.

The other students at the Academy become increasingly aware of her situation, but her friends have drama of their own, leaving her to deal with everything—including the fact her mother has suddenly acquired a stalker. Stuck at the Academy, Paige is helpless to do anything about it. To add to her problems, the spell to complete the Accord may not even be the right one, leaving her with even more worries piled on her plate.

Once the spell is complete, what will happen to Paige and her hot supes? Will they be bound together forever, or will feelings and jealousy tear them apart?

Runes & Rituals is for readers 18+.


Welcome to Larchwood Academy: Corrective School for Supernaturals.

With the spell complete, Paige realizes she’s got additional unexpected abilities. She hopes these newfound skills will come in handy when she confronts the vampire who killed her grandmother. These new abilities have also begun to show themselves in the guys. The spell did exactly what it was predicted to do, and Paige doesn’t know if she’s terrified or thrilled with the fact that she’s now immortal.

Her bond with the guys has intensified to levels Paige never knew were possible. She now knows she belongs to the guys, mind, body, and soul—and she couldn’t be more thrilled with it. But, she’s also starting to feel a little smothered, even though she would never say anything to her soulmates. So when the time comes for her weekend pass, she decides she wants some alone time with her mom before she goes hunting for vengeance. Unfortunately, she does something that she will come to gravely regret. Will her guys bail her out of the mess she’s found herself in so they can have their happily ever after? Or is this the end of the line for Paige? Find out in the final installment of the Larchwood Correctional Academy Series.

Secrets & Spells is for readers 18+.


Welcome to Larchwood Academy: Corrective School for Supernaturals.

Make no mistake: This is no academy. It’s a prison.

This is the entire series boxset  for the LARCHWOOD CORRECTIVE ACADEMY:

Curses & Charm

Magic & Monsters

Runes & Rituals

Secrets & Spells

The Larchwood Corrective Academy Series is for readers 18+.

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