As coldblooded as a snake, but loyal to a fault.

Vampire Vane Matson formed the Nighthawks MC after having to clean up one too many messes made by his kind. Known for his ruthless tactics and eerily quiet and snakelike approach, he quickly became “Viper” the club’s president, continuing to build his MC with men and women just as callous and as equally trustworthy.

Viper has avoided personal relationships most of his existence, until one night, he’s called to a routine clean-up, a mess made by a pack of filthy wolves. It leaves him forced to take in a stray human named MyAnna, whose shiny black hair and big, soulful eyes are too much for him to resist. Breaking his number one rule, he tells himself it’s only temporary and then he’ll be rid of the burdensome human soon enough. Until she refuses to leave.

With his secrets threatening to be exposed, will Viper be forced to get rid of MyAnna permanently, or will she win over his cold, unbeating heart?

Viper is free to download and is for readers 18+.


As dark as a shadow, but grounded in loyalty and allegiance.

Vampire Craig Walsh is one of the founding members of the Nighthawks MC after standing true and loyal for years to his best friend and Nighthawks’ founding father, Viper. Known for his ability to disappear into thin air, he quickly earned the nickname Shadow. Secrets from his past reveal why and how he’d been bestowed the gift—which he at first labeled a curse.

Shadow actively avoids personal relationships with women. He prefers the quick, easy in and out approach to get his needs met. That is, until he crosses paths with a beautiful, sassy witch, with flaming red hair and a feisty fire in her eyes named Bloome. While his attitude is big, he finds that with Bloome, he’s met his match, and he’s not sure how or if he can handle her. With a war threatening to break out in the Quarter between the vampires and witches, he isn’t sure if he even wants to get himself tangled up with her.

With no time or room in his life for the actual commitment of a relationship, but knowing there’s something different and alluring about her, will Shadow accept her fiery attitude and make room for her in his life, or will he let her go and continue the life of perpetual bachelorhood?

Shadow is for readers 18+.


As phoenixes are reborn with fire, some rise from different kind of ashes.

Vampire Gabriel McLeod is one of the lead lieutenants in the Nighthawks MC. Due to his ability to create and manipulate fire, and the fact that he had been reborn after many years of immortal sleep, he is referred to as “Phoenix.” While loyal to the club and proud of his position in there, he’s still dealing with having been asleep for 150 years, cursed by a witch quickly after he was turned into a vampire against his will all those years ago.

Having been a vampire for a while, love and commitment are words that never leave his lips. When the Nighthawks take in newly-turned twins Jemini and Jermaine, Phoenix finds himself inexplicably drawn to Jemini’s striking beauty, with her black hair, caramel skin, and green eyes. However, when he learns her secret—what she was before her turning—he goes out of his way to purposely avoid her. But his fervent glances her way don’t go unnoticed by Jemini, who herself has reasons to avoid men and relationships. Will he take the time to get to know the beautiful woman or will he continue to wallow in self-pity and deny himself what could be a deep connection he didn’t know was possible?

Phoenix is for readers 18+.


A different predator from the rest, he’s the most venomous yet devoted of them all.

Werewolf Harlan Lahey comes from a long line of strong but violent wolves. After too much trauma and death, his life in Colorado becomes unbearable so he packs all he has and moves to New Orleans, where he knows no one, and no one knows him.

After saving the life of a vampire, his natural born enemy, the Nighthawks take notice. He gets invited into the club, despite being the only predator who’s a wolf and not a vampire. Due to the poison in his wolf bite, he quickly earns the name Venom. But Harlan’s loyalty is about to be challenged when he’s asked by a local werewolf MC to help them find hunters who are stalking and killing wolves in the Crescent City.

Once he meets the murder witness, Kalissa, he can’t help the protective desire he feels over the blonde-haired beauty with the haunted blue eyes, knowing the human hunters are going to target her next. Will Venom and the Nighthawks be enough to protect her, or will the hunters get to her before they can?

Venom is for readers 18+.


As smart, stealthy, and devoted as they come, he’s not just a pretty face.

Vampire Parker Knight is the youngest member of the Nighthawks MC. With his advanced computer knowledge and hacking skills, he’s assigned by the president to become their resident information technology expert. A former model from LA, he earned himself the club name Face.

As an unknown outside entity tries to infiltrate the club’s computer system, he doesn’t know if he’ll be able to stop the attack. What Face discovers through the Dark Web is there are human traffickers making their way to New Orleans, and if he doesn’t get one step ahead by tracking them, the Nighthawks might not be able to stop them.

When he solicits outside help with the cyber-attacks, a mysterious woman named Devon offers to help him. But Face quickly learns she may not have the most honorable of intentions. He finds himself becoming interested in more than just her intelligence and knowledge. Her unique beauty, piercing green eyes, and brilliant mind initially draws him to her, but he quickly realizes she’s hiding something. Will Face find out her secret before she does damage to not only their computer system, but also his heart?

Face is for readers 18+.


All Colton James wanted was to go to college, live his life, and marry the girl of his dreams. Instead, he was turned into a monster, and then forced to disappear. 

When he returns years later, he also finds Ava is gone, disappeared without a trace. He goes to the Nighthawks for help—a local MC chapter who also happen to be vampires. What Colton discovers about Ava while back in his hometown of New Orleans terrifies him.

 Will he be able to find her and save her from the same fate he was condemned to, or will it be too late?

 Colt is a Nighthawks MC novella for readers 18+.


The Nighthawks Motorcycle Club rules New Orleans and the supernaturals there.

Follow five of the Nighthawks MC members as they keep the peace amongst the supernatural creatures and humans in New Orleans, while finding love and passion with the women who weren’t in their plans.








The Nighthawks MC Series contains violence and adult situations and is for readers 18+.

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