For Ayla St. John, growing up thinking you’re human but suddenly turning into a werewolf without any warning came as quite a shock. But once she embraces her new existence, she begins to roll with it. Once she meets swoon-worthy football star, Ryder, she begins to realize life isn’t so bad, despite her monthly inconvenience—until a terrible tragedy devastates Ayla’s family.

Now too restless to finish college, Ayla’s gone on a quest to find the vampire responsible for her grief. Instead of finding him, she finds herself bitten by another, which immediately causes a psychic link to all vampires. Now, her quest for vengeance has just doubled.

As she hunts for two vampires, she meets Kellan, an infuriatingly sexy vampire himself—a natural enemy she is supposed to hate—and feels an instant pull to him. He wants Ayla, but she’s got no time for the mysterious vampire, no matter how drawn she feels to him. She’s also still got Ryder wanting to build a life with her. Once Kellan finds out she’s become a hunter, will he still continue to pursue her?

The Lunar Effect is free to download and is for readers 18+.


As Ayla continues to hone her craft of fighting and perfecting the use of weapons with the help of her mentors, Evan and Karina, she continues searching for both the vampire who turned her into the hybrid she’s become, and head vampire Linden, the one responsible for ripping her family apart. Once she locates her assailant, she comes to realize he may not be as easy to kill as she thought, but is in no way giving up. She tirelessly stalks him, which leaves her little time for much else—including a love life. Unfortunately, though, neither Ryder nor Kellan are willing to give her up. But Ayla has no time for relationships, as she has a much bigger agenda: Finding Linden and ending him. Through a vision, she finds out not only that Kellan is betraying her, but might just be the one to lead her right to Linden.

The Lunar Curse is for readers 18+.


With her quest for revenge mapped out, Ayla St. John persuades the irresistible vampire Kellan to accompany her to where her target is hiding. However, the incident, and what follows after, goes horribly wrong for both Ayla and Kellan. As her connection with Kellan heats up to scorching levels, she realizes it’s time she finds out what the elusive vampire is hiding. What she eventually learns about his horrific past will shake the very foundation of everything she thought she knew about him and his association with Linden. After a video goes viral that exposes the supernatural, she’s forced to meet Linden in the flesh. But will the hunter become the hunted?

The Lunar Secret is for readers 18+.


The search for her brother’s murderer has finally brought Ayla to face with Linden, but has also landed her in an underground lockup in which she isn’t sure how she is going to get out of. As she is separated from Kellan, she has to fight her way to freedom in order to not only rescue him, but to get herself and her friends out of the trouble they’ve found themselves in. It’s going to require her to call in every favor she’s ever owed. With Sanja and her expertise over dark and light magic by her side, it may take every bit she has to help get Ayla out of the latest trouble she’s gotten herself into. In a battle with her supernatural friends, Ayla knows there is only one outcome she will be happy with: Linden as a pile of ashes, and Kellan, Aden, and her friends safe. But what it will take to make that happen might just force her to give up everything.

The Lunar Magic is for readers 18+.


With Ayla’s greatest enemy now gone, she is both relieved and restless, knowing she’s done what she had to do, yet, still feels the need to hunt. With Kellan still faithfully by her side, she decides she needs to take a rest. But that rest is short-lived, as she’s told that her biological father—the alpha—is nearby and is searching for her and her brother. Ayla has no plans for a happy family reunion, but threats cause her to have to meet the alpha. From there, things go from bad to worse for Ayla. When someone close to her is kidnapped, and a strange spell is put upon her that seems to sap her powers, she wonders how she is going to rescue him and keep it together. It’s only with the help of her friends—and a new relative she didn’t know existed—that she can only hope to find him in time, since it seems her powers can’t help her.

The Lunar Promise is for readers 18+.


Ayla’s workload has just doubled: She’s got to kill the vampire Vicente Drago and try to get her precious dagger back, and she has to find Alto Rourke and before he kills any more humans or supernaturals. What Ayla and her friends aren’t prepared for is the tragedy that is going to befall one of their own. While trying to deal with her own grief, and help Kellan though his, she knows she has to use her inner strength and fury to locate Alto Rourke and end him once and for all. It’s not until she comes close to finding him that she realizes he’s been so elusive because he’s got someone on his side—someone Ayla would have never suspected would work for the enemy. Forgiveness and mercy have never been part of Ayla’s makeup. And she sure isn’t going to start trying to find these traits within herself anytime soon. The only thing she wants or needs to concentrate on is staying alive and keeping those she loves alive, too.

The Lunar Light is for readers 18+.


What happens when a natural-born werewolf gets bitten by a vampire? The psychic link it caused turns Ayla St. John into a determined vampire hunter. Will she mercilessly kill every vampire she meets, or will Kellan, a striking and irresistible vampire himself, win her over with his charm?

 Follow Ayla’s journey from werewolf to vampire hunter in this six-book paranormal romance series.

 The Lunar Effect

The Lunar Curse

The Lunar Secret

The Lunar Magic

The Lunar Promise 

The Lunar Light

The Ayla St. John Chronicles series is for readers 18+.

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