Four Kingdoms.
No Heir.
An Uncertain Future.

After an evil curse is cast upon the four corners of Syracuse, a vast country ruled by the Rothhaven family, maidens across the land suddenly become barren. Years pass, and the future of Family Rothhaven looks bleak, until eighteen-year-old Mariselle Langer wakes up one morning with cramps, a craving for chocolate, and a highly unexpected visit from Aunt Flow. Upon realizing that his daughter is different from the other maidens, Mariselle’s father approaches the leaders of the four kingdoms with the wonderful news. This sets off a chain of events which threaten to divide the Rothhaven brothers, who all desire her for themselves, and not just because she can give them an heir. Meanwhile, Mariselle has her own ideas about whom she wishes to wed, which not only shocks the nation, but ultimately… saves it.

Four Princes is a reverse harem fantasy for readers 18+.


Four Kings.
One Maiden.
Their Only Hope.

With the entire country of Syracuse completely barren, Mariselle Langer leaves Griffin and the East Haven castle and moves to Castle North Haven. There, she realizes her attraction to King Alexander is stronger than she first thought, and she fights to work out just how she can resign herself to being his lover, while pushing thoughts of King Griffin from her mind. There isn’t a second that goes by that Mariselle isn’t wondering if she’s the last hope for the country to produce an heir for the Rothhavens.

Just when she and Alexander seem to become closer and intimate, King Zackary shows up at the North Haven. With his sexy drawl and rippling muscles, Mariselle wonders if she may be going crazy. How could all the Rothhaven brothers be so alluring? She wonders if there isn’t some sort of magic going on behind the scenes. Being so attracted to all the kings just doesn’t seem natural… or right. Yet, here she is, wanting them all.Hecate continues to stay in the shadows to make sure Mariselle is staying on track to breaking the curse before all the maidens of the land become too old to procreate. But there is one villain who wants to see the land of Syracuse—and the Rothhaven Family—completely die out so he can finally become the ruler he felt he was meant to be. And nothing is going to stop Gaylen from getting what he wants.

Four Kings is a reverse harem fantasy for readers 18+.


Four Royals.
One Lass.
Their Final Destiny.

With the curse still not broken in Syracuse, the people of the country begin to grow impatient. The burden mounts on the royals to break it, but nobody is feeling the pressure more than Mariselle. Frustrated with the way the four kings seem to be making decisions for her, she finally puts her foot down and tells them she’s going to do what she wants. Things seem to be going fine until King Zackary takes a trip to the village… and doesn’t return. Griffin and Alexander decide to leave the West Haven and look for him, leaving the youngest Rothhaven, Mathias, alone at the castle to look after Mariselle. With them both worried about the missing King, they turn to each other for comfort. Mariselle begins to fall for Mathias, and quickly realizes she is now hopelessly in love with all the brothers. Mathias, in turn, admits he’s loved her since they were children—and also reveals a secret he’s been keeping from everyone.

With Gaylen still determined to destroy Syracuse, and Hecate fighting to save it, both realize they’re going to have to step up their game in order to get what they want. Until a surprise the entire kingdom wasn’t expecting rocks the whole country. Will Mariselle ultimately save the future of the Rothhavens, and ultimately, Syracuse?

Four Heirs is a reverse harem fantasy for readers 18+.


Four Kingdoms.

No Heir.

An Uncertain Future.


In this box set you get all three Rothhaven Trilogy Series
books in 1!

Four Princes

Four Kings

Four Heirs

The Rothhaven Trilogy is for readers 18+.

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